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①HSH     2ページ 表裏印刷で1枚タイプ 
②LHW,LHA  2ページ 表裏印刷で1枚タイプ 
③SAHD,CLH  2ページ 表裏印刷で1枚タイプ 

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Fintech  Model  HSH   Lamp Spot Heaters 

HSH Models heat by condensing the light of Halogen Lamps.Maximum heating temp. is 1400℃ (2550F) or more and HSH can heat in vacuum and heating medium is not required.  The Ultimate clean heating method. 

 Why !  Fintech  Lamp Spot Heaters ---     
Fintech offers the world's most extensive range (Φ12 to Φ160,20w to 2.5kw)  and has established a low cost immediate delivery system.   



◎Models with multiple length and lamp rating,they can be freely combined.
◎Mirror is gold plated on an aluminium base.
◎Use the lowest possible voltage of the range. 10%reduction increases service life(×3)
◎This is only a part of the details. Refer to the website : Https://www.fintech.co.jp/  for more details.  



Fintech  Model  LHW, LHA   Lamp Line Heaters 

LHW, LHA heat by condensing the light of halogen lamps as a line or strip. the maximum heating temperature is 1400℃ (2550°F) or more and the heater can heat in vacuum, and a heating medium is not required Ultimate clean heating method


 Why !  Fintech  Lamp Line Heaters ---     
We have molds for many mirrors and can supply them with short delivery time and low cost. We have the capability to manufacture up to a length of 2500 mm  (≒100 inch).
Units of high power capacity (Approximately 20kw) can be manufactured compared to HSH models. 
Halogen lamps are near-infrared enabling unique applications such as penetration and transmission heating. We can also manufacture far infrared type. 


Standard Mirror is an aluminum polished mirror , a gold-plated specification can be selected as an option.  
Use the lowest possible voltage within the usable range.  A 10% reduction will increases the  service life by about 3 times.
Recommended power controller is HLC-HN. Coolant water flow rate required is 1 L/min per kw.   
This is only a part of the details. Refer to the Website  : https://www.fintech.co.jp/ for more details.


Fintech  Model  SAHD & CLH    Hot Air Heaters 

SAHD: Hot air of over 900℃(1650°F)to 1000℃(1830°F)can be generated,1/10 the size of               general heaters,rich product mix     

CLH : Clean air heater. Structure that does not generate dust in principle.  Generates hot air of               500℃(930°F)to 600℃(1110°F)


 Why !  Fintech  Hot  Air  Heaters ---     

World's best hot air heater - ultra-compact, ultra-high temperature and ultra-high performance.  Rich product mix. Wide range of models available from 20w to a maximam 150kw.  Maximum hot temperature  of SAHD model reaches more than 1000℃(1830°F).  For heater of the same power , size by volume ratio is less than 1/10 compared to general products.  

CLH is a clean hot air heater that can be used in clean rooms




Option: Hot air temp. sensor K, N, R   Hot air outlet in P is threaded (thread standard is at the bottom) 
This is only a part of the details Refer to the Website : https://www.fintech co.jp/  for more details. 


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